The Modular Preflex® Parking Garage From CHRISTMANN + PFEIFER.

Create Additional Parking Spaces in No Time at All – Simple, Fast, Flexible.

Do you quickly and easily need more parking spaces? For instance temporarily, in order to cope with capacity peaks? Or perhaps your company is growing quickly and you need to expand your existing parking space instantly? Best of all overnight, because you can't afford to block parking spaces for weeks on end to allow new parking facilities to be constructed? Or you may not actually know how things will develop in future and would like to be able to disassemble your parking deck or garage again and/or sell it?

If So, You Need a Modular Preflex® Parking Garage – the Innovation in Parking Garage Construction From CHRISTMANN + PFEIFER!

Compared with conventional parking garage construction methods, the actual manufacturing process for a Preflex® Parking Garage is shifted from the construction site to the in-house manufacturing facilities of C + P. Because that's where the standardized modules are fully prefabricated. The completed construction elements then only need to be installed on-site and joined together by an interference fit. Aside from the required foundations for the particular soil characteristics, no formwork or concreting work are necessary.

In this way you can create additional parking space in no time at all – irrespective of whether you need 10, 100 or 1,000 parking spaces.

Benefits of The Preflex® Parking Garage

  • Fast construction time thanks to the high level of prefabrication
  • High quality  through standardized processes 
  • Permanent or temporary usage possibilities
  • Modular construction system for individual configuration
  • Various entry ramp systems, pedestrian access are realizable
  • Compatible with individual facades and different facade finishing systems
  • Largely weather-independent assembly possible
  • Can be flexibly enlarged or reduced in size
  • Rapid assembly and disassembly
  • For sale, rental or lease
  • Can be used multiple times and is resalable
The Simple Route to Your Modular Parking Garage.


Delivery of the standardized parking garage elements that were prefabricated at the
C + P plant.

Set up

Assembly of the panel elements at the construction site – largely weather-independent.


The Preflex® Parking Garage is fully capable of bearing loads - and is therefore accessible to cars - immediately following installation.

Our Preflex® parking garage references.


Deliver, set up, ready: The Preflex® Parking Garage creates additional parking spaces in no time at all. Aside from the required foundations for the particular soil characteristics, no formwork or concreting work are necessary on the construction site. This is because the individual parking garage elements are delivered in prefabricated form and simply need to be installed on-site. This facilitates simplified construction compared to conventional parking garages.

Here, simple means fast.


Building made easy: The Preflex® Parking Garage, an innovation in parking garage construction, guarantees the largely weather-independent and fastest possible assembly and is fully capable of bearing loads - and is therefore accessible to cars - immediately following construction. This considerably accelerates the erection and creation of additional parking spaces. For comparison: The time required for assembling a conventional parking deck, from the start of construction to accessibility for traffic, normally takes anything from several weeks to several months – the Preflex® Parking Garage can, depending on its size, be built and taken into use in anything from one day to a few weeks.

Fast construction delivers cost savings.


The Preflex® Parking Garage is not only simple and fast to construct; it can also be equally easily and rapidly disassembled and then re-used at another location. To do this, it is only necessary to disassemble the individual components of the parking garage, the so-called Preflex® modules, load them onto trucks and transport them to the new site. This also delivers a new level of sustainability in parking garage construction. And the system delivers many more benefits too.

Flexible means sustainable.

The Preflex® Principle

The composite steel-reinforced concrete slab, made from a special concrete formulation, takes the form of a single-axis stressed slab. It is simultaneously a prestressed steel-concrete composite structure in the longitudinal slab axis of the upper flange. In accordance with the static requirements, the steel girders and composite steel-reinforced concrete slab are prestressed according to plan and are built to exceed the static design load requirements. This system of static slab loading with simultaneous prestressing ensures maximum protection against the formation of cracks in the concrete.

These unique, prefabricated parking garage elements are approx. 16.00 meters long and 2.50 meters wide as standard. They are large enough for two car parking spaces – arranged perpendicularly or diagonally – and a lane in the middle. They are delivered prefabricated by truck, unloaded on-site by crane and installed. They are fully capable of bearing loads immediately following installation. By shifting production to the manufacturing facility, better and more consistent quality can be guaranteed compared with cast on-site concrete parking garage decks.


The number of Preflex® modules required depends on the available space and the number of parking spaces needed and can be enlarged or reduced in size as necessary – even retrospectively. The special feature: If the load bearing capacity of the ground is suitable, foundations are not necessary!

This innovative approach creates a high level of flexibility and is also highly sustainable, because the parking garage is not only easy and fast to erect; it is equally easy to disassemble and then reassemble again at a different location. Using the system in this way means that the structure does not depreciate in value and there are no difficult-to-recycle reinforced concrete parts after dismantling - as is normal with conventional parking garages. On the contrary, the system facilitates sustainable use and a resource-conserving, long product life-cycle.

The system also achieves a level of financial flexibility never seen before: The Preflex® Parking Garage - that can be disassembled and then reassembled again at a different location - is resalable. It offers freedom to deal with parking space capacity peaks, without taking incalculable investment risks. A multi-level design is also possible.

Despite the option of flexibility, the parking garage need not only serve temporary purposes. It can, of course, also be built as a permanent structure – fully tailored to your planning and requirements.

The Preflex® Parking Garage From CHRISTMANN + PFEIFER: It Couldn't Be Simpler.

Are you interested in our modular parking system? Our contacts would be pleased to develop your tailor-made parking solution with you. It really is this simple:

  1. Contact us
    Outline your ideas and requirements to us – we will then discuss the site details together.
  2. Modules
    Select the number of modules required - and, therefore, the number of parking spaces.
  3. Equipment 
    Select the entry ramp options, the area to be developed and the facades for the parking garage. Customizations are possible here.
  4. Assembly 
    Delivery and installation of the parking modules then follow. These are immediately accessible to cars following erection.

Build on the modular Preflex® System from CHRISTMANN + PFEIFER when constructing your parking garage. When can we start planning your parking garage?

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