High School Students.

Training and Studying at CHRISTMANN + PFEIFER.

For an Optimum Start to Working Life.

Are you in the middle of your final year at school or just completed your high school diploma? Are you yearning for exciting and varied assignments? Are you prepared to give your all in a collegial team? Then it's time to send your application to CHRISTMANN + PFEIFER:

We offer apprenticeship trades in the skilled trades, technical and commercial sectors as well as dual "Study Plus" places.

Our extensive product portfolio and different corporate divisions ensure plenty of variety and, furthermore, create excellent personal and career development opportunities.

Then become part of our team and find our how ideas are turned into buildings. We look forward to receiving your application!

Apprenticeship Trades.

We consider training to be an important investment in the future and a guarantee for maintaining our consistently high level of performance, true to the motto, "The apprentices of today are the qualified employees of tomorrow". That's why we offer apprenticeships in the skilled trades, technical and commercial sectors.

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Dual Study Program.

Together with our partner, the Technical University of Central Hesse, we offer you a hands-on course of study with integrated career perspectives. We fundamentally offer the following courses of study: civil engineering (B.Eng.) or business administration (B.A.).

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Training at C + P: apprentices report.

What are the benefits of training at CHRISTMANN + PFEIFER? What characterizes the company? What professions and entry opportunities are there? Apprentices and students report.

Top trainee is working at CHRISTMANN + PFEIFER.

Actually, he wanted to study – civil engineering it should have been. He even started his studies, too. And then quickly noticed: the practical relevance and the specific application are missing.

That is why Tobias Rottenfusser switched to a vocational training as a Technical Systems Planner – and completed it with flying colors: he finished his exam with the best result in Germany.

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Type appropriate career – that's how it works!

Sven Heinrich started his apprenticeship as a Technical systems planner with us in 2013 and completed it as the best trainee in the country in 2017.

But that is far from the end of the flagpole for him: He saddles up a dual study degree in Civil engineering and is well positioned for his professional future.

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Trainee interview Construction mechanic.

Eric Eppendorfer is completing his training as a Construction Mechanic at our production site in Freiberg / Saxony.

In a short interview, he tells us why he decided on this profession, how the apprenticeship takes place and what requirements you have to meet.

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  • Security – CHRISTMANN + PFEIFER has been in existence for almost 100 years
  • Innovation – New products and continuous development secure future success
  • Credibility – Respect, trust and honesty are practiced and tangible values
  • Team spirit – Friendly cooperation creates a productive working atmosphere
  • Room for maneuver – Flat hierarchies promote personal accountability and creativity
  • Perspectives – A broad range of development opportunities in a family-friendly environment

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Dipl.-Angl. (Betriebswirtschaft)
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