Modular construction with CHRISTMANN + PFEIFER.

Fast and in series, yet individually built.

Industrial production is also finding its way into the construction industry. We think: For good reason, because the modular design can score significantly in many aspects compared to the conventional design. Speed, sustainability and quality are just a few advantages.

As your general contractor, we will be happy to take over the turnkey processing of your modular construction project. You will receive all services from a single source – directly from the specialist. Since 1925, the name CHRISTMANN + PFEIFER has stood for competence in the field of construction services. Our know-how and experience from countless projects flow 1:1 into your modular building project.


What began in the 1970s with the construction of prefabricated houses has since developed significantly. While the first prefabricated houses exuded little esprit in terms of design, there are almost no limits to the design options today.

Modularity is not necessarily synonymous with monotony!

For this very reason, the modular design can also be used anywhere. It is suitable for builders from industry and trade as well as for private builders or builders in the public sector, project developers and investors.

When can we build for you? We are always available for an initial consultation – free of charge and without obligation, of course.

Good reasons for modular construction.


Shortening of the construction time by 60-70 % compared to the conventional construction method thanks to parallel processes in the factory and on the construction site.


Very high recycling factor thanks to the possible reuse of the modules and the use of the main materials steel, wood and plasterboard.


Consistently high quality thanks to industrial series production in the factory and standardized processes.

Cost security.

Maximum transparency, full cost control and planning security thanks to reliable calculation prior to project start.

Modular construction – why, actually?

Sustainability is a very important aspect: a modular building can go through several phases of use and steel, as one of our main materials in modular construction, is characterized in particular by its good recyclability. Controlled serial production and standardized production conditions ensure consistently high quality. Thanks to the parallel processes in the factory and on the construction site, construction projects can be completed in 60-70% less time. Those who build modularly benefit from a high degree of planning security in terms of deadlines and costs.


Sustainability in modular construction.

As a steel construction specialist, we naturally also rely on this material in modular construction and use it for the supporting structure of our modules. Its recyclability makes steel a regenerative building material throughout its life cycle, thus reducing the carbon footprint. In addition, a modular building can go through several phases of use and, when it is dismantled, attention can be paid to the best possible recycling of material residues. But even at the beginning - during production - energy-efficient, optimized production methods can achieve a plus in ecological quality.


Modular construction – prices and costs.

Unlike the question "What does a stick of butter cost", we unfortunately cannot answer the question of THE costs for a modular building as a whole. Many factors play a role here. What do you want to build? What size should your building be? How should the room modules be equipped? But one thing is for sure: with us, you have maximum transparency and full control with regard to costs. Because that is THE advantage in modular construction: we calculate the exact costs as part of the planning phase – and they are then certain. Thanks to industrial production, we can reliably plan our buildings. On top of that, we will promise you the delivery date in good time. More planning security is hardly possible.


We look forward to hearing from you.

We are always there for you. No matter whether for a non-binding first consultation or specific planning for an upcoming project. Just give us a call, write an email, or send us a message using our contact form. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Which buildings can be built modularly?

The question should rather be: What can NOT be implemented in a modular design? Honestly: we can hardly think of anything, because thanks to the flexibility of the C + P modular buildings, there are hardly any limits to your imagination.

Speaking of imagination: we would be happy to plan and implement your modular building with a view to so-called corporate architecture. In this way, we ensure that the decisive elements of your brand, your company and thus your corporate identity are reflected in your new building.


Here are some examples of possible modular construction projects:

  • Kindergartens (if required also available as an extension in order to enlarge an existing building)
  • Schools
  • Office buildings
  • Hotels
  • Senior residences / retirement homes
  • Student dormitories
  • Accommodation for truck drivers (maybe also in combination with a truck parking deck?)
  • Information or service points

Modular educational building by CHRISTMANN + PFEIFER.

Build a kindergarten or a daycare center.

We create feel-good spaces in which our little ones can develop and be themselves – quickly, flexibly and reliably.

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Build a school.

We create flexible space for education! Our school buildings in modular design always adapt to the needs of the users – not the other way around!

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Q & A on construction in education.

What are the possibilities, benefits and sense of modular kindergarten or school construction? We provide answers to important questions on this topic.

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Everything from a single source.

... directly from the specialist. Thanks to our almost 100 years of experience as a construction service provider, we know exactly what needs to be considered in construction projects. For you, this means a plus in cost security and adherence to deadlines.

And of course, despite serial production, there is still enough scope for the implementation of your individual wishes. Our modular buildings are versatile in use and can be used flexibly.

Turnkey construction.

As your general contractor, we will be happy to support you in these phases:

  • Consulting, Planning & Calculation
  • Manufacturing & equipping the modules including windows, doors, plumbing and electrics
  • Coordination of work and trades in the factory and on the construction site
  • Assembly & completion of the modular building on the construction site (facade, roof, etc.)

The C + P modular building.

A C + P modular building consists of at least two individual modules that are connected to one another to form a building. The number of modules used and their design depend on your requirements. In this way, a standardized product always becomes a tailor-made, individual solution.

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Building modular office buildings.

In a modular office building or administrative building from CHRISTMANN + PFEIFER, even Monday mornings will be a highlight, because we create modern office environments that combine functionality and efficiency with aesthetics and comfort.

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Building kindergartens in modular design.

We want our little ones to make it big. That is why we can quickly create more childcare space with our modular kindergartens - regardless of whether it is a new building, modernization or expansion.

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Building schools in modular design.

Our favorite subject: turnkey school building in modular construction. In this way we create more space for education - and that quickly, flexibly and securely.

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Shall we tackle your project together?

We would be delighted! We would be more than happy to take the helm as your modular construction architect and work with you in developing your building solution in modular construction. Rely on CHRISTMANN + PFEIFER in modular construction and convince yourself with our know-how. We look forward to receiving your inquiry! It's this simple:

Your idea

You tell us your ideas and requirements:

  • What do you want to build?
  • Where do you want to build?
  • How flexible should your modular building be?
  • How do you want to use your modular building?
  • How should your modular building be equipped?

Our proposal

We will make you a proposal on the possible execution of your project:

  • Number and structure of the modules
  • Facade design
  • Assembly
  • Schedule and cost plan

Your desicion

It's your turn: do you like our proposal? Do you have any modification requests? We would be happy to work with you on the fine tuning and look forward to step 4.

Production and assembly

Now it's our turn: We start manufacturing the room modules and coordinate the work on the construction site in parallel. After assembly and the final fine-tuning (connection of the modules, facade work, etc.), we hand over the turnkey C + P modular building to you!

Your contact.

Dipl.-Ing. Stefan Henrich Chief Executive Officer C + P Modulbau
GmbH & Co. KG Angelburg.


C + P Modulbau
GmbH & Co. KG

Stefan Henrich
Chief Executive Officer