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Learning the basics at the C + P Training Center

If you decide to undertake an industrial vocation training at CHRISTMANN + PFEIFER you will receive a major quality bonus during your training, delivered on the house:

The C + P Training Center is a unique training network and part of the CHRISTMANN + PFEIFER group of companies. CHRISTMANN + PFEIFER set up this training network in 1999 and has been supported and recommended since then by the State of Hesse, the European Union and the Lahn-Dill Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Meanwhile, apprentices from over 60 member companies in the State of Hesse have been learning together here.

With the training center, CHRISTMANN + PFEIFER takes care not only of the training of its own skilled workers, but also of the future skilled workers of other companies. In this manner efficient use is made of existing capacities and know-how. The major benefit here is that member companies are able to concentrate on their actual core competences and it is possible for small companies, in particular, to actually take on apprentices. Since the establishment of the training network it has been possible to create and maintain several hundred apprenticeship places in the region around Breidenbach (Hesse).

Learning together, mutually helping and complementing one another, establishing new contacts and, of course, having fun: This combination represents a special quality bonus in training, one which is positively reflected not only in the professional and social skills, but in the learned skills as well.

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Promoting Young Talent at CHRISTMANN + PFEIFER.


Focusing firmly on the future: Training at CHRISTMANN + PFEIFER. We offer jobs in the skilled trades, technical and commercial sectors.

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Dual Study Program.

Already building on the future today: dual study program at CHRISTMANN + PFEIFER, civil engineering (B.Eng.) or business administration (B.A.) courses.

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Trainee Program.

Career entrants wanted! Become a trainee at CHRISTMANN + PFEIFER and get to know our company through exciting on-the-job training.

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