Solid Prospects

Becoming a Construction Mechanic at CHRISTMANN + PFEIFER

Exciting projects, varied tasks and impressive steel parts. Our apprentice Falk, future Construction Mechanic in our steel construction production in Breidenbach, about his career choice:

"The profession of Construction Mechanic is widespread in my family. A tip from my uncle gave me the idea of becoming a Construction Mechanic myself. I then found out more about the profession and found the tasks and activities very exciting. Having to deal with huge steel parts every day and seeing what I achieved at the end of the day - that appealed to me straight away. That's why I started looking for an apprenticeship and came across CHRISTMANN + PFEIFER.

In my first year of training, I learned the theoretical basics at the C + P training center and at vocational school. Now, in my second year of training, I'm already actively working on projects here in the steel construction production and doing jobs such as drilling, cutting and welding. One of my favorite activities is reading drawings and plans. Being able to do this is essential for us Construction Mechanics, because we use these drawings to assemble steel parts for a wide variety of construction projects. I still go to vocational school regularly, of course, so I have a mix of theory and practice in my day-to-day work.

With my workplace, I particularly like the mood and the atmosphere among my colleagues. I am very happy with my career choice, the work is a lot of fun and I feel very comfortable and in good hands here at CHRISTMANN + PFEIFER."