Sustainable Parking Garage Construction.

A fast and sustainable solution in parking garage construction:

the modular Preflex® Parking Garage

For decades we have been building parking garages made of steel and have used this experience and know-how to develop a modern and contemporary system parking garage: the modular Preflex® Parking Garage.

In contrast to the conventional construction of parking garages, a significant part of the Preflex® Parking Garage construction takes place in our own manufacturing facilities, because here the standardized Preflex®​​​​​​​ panel elements are completely prefabricated. On the construction site, the work is then limited to setting up these elements, assembling them and connecting them force-fit. This eliminates the need for further formwork and concreting work, except for the necessary foundations.

More information on the Preflex® principle

Sustainable parking garage construction

Its special construction makes our Preflex® Parking Garage not only a fast and flexible, but above all and sustainable solution in parking garage construction. This way, today's economic and ecological requirements for parking garage construction projects can be realized in the best possible way.

Prefabrication as a future-proof method of construction

In steel construction, a high level of prefabrication has a long tradition. It allows higher standards in terms of quality and occupational safety and enables faster construction processes with corresponding planning reliability and improved construction site logistics. In our Preflex® Parking Garage, we have maximized this degree of prefabrication, thus accelerating construction process and construction time. This not only ensures that our parking garages can be used quickly, but also reduces traffic disruptions, avoids waste and lowers noise and dust pollution in the area around the construction site.

Reusage instead of recycling

Damage-free deconstruction and reuseability

Modular construction in parking garage construction offers not only planning reliability and high quality through standardized processes, but above all a great deal of flexibility. The result is a short construction time, weather-independent assembly, and a parking garage that can be expanded if necessary or completely dismantled without damage and then be reused. Whereby “reused” in this case really means “reused”, because our Preflex® panel elements can be used and rebuilt one-to-one elsewhere after dismantling. This makes the Preflex®​​​​​​​ Parking Garage an equally fast and simple as well as sustainable solution for parking garage construction.

Steel as future-proof material

As a steel company we are convinced of the future viability of steel as a material. Structural steel is already unbeatable in terms of its recyclability, as it remains a natural part of the material cycle. After dismantling, it can be reused in other structures or recycled an infinite number of times without any loss of quality - the collection rate for this is 99%. In addition, steel structures impress with their high load-bearing capacity and large spans, which not only means design flexibility but also saves material and thus reduces construction volume and operating costs. On request, we implement our parking garage construction projects using so-called XCarb® steel products. XCarb® recycled and renewable steel is made from recycled steel using 100 percent renewable electricity in an electric arc. XCarb® green steel certificates allow the designation of an equivalent reduction in Scope 3 emissions according to the Greenhouse Gas Protocol.

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