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Product innovation is looking for doers

CHRISTMANN + PFEIFER expands capacities for modular construction

With almost 100 years of history, we at CHRISTMANN + PFEIFER proudly call ourselves a traditional company. But also traditional companies are constantly redefining themselves, optimizing processes and bringing new products to the market. And with the way in which internal innovation management works, traditional companies tick just like start-up companies. And also face similar challenges.

With the C + P modular building, we have a great and exciting new product in our portfolio. So far, we have mainly built halls, industrial plants, turnkey commercial properties, bridges or parking garages – but now also offer our customers the option of using prefabricated modules for living, residing and working.

From the idea to the timely implementation: The modular building concept is established. And yet there currently is also a restrictive “but”. "We are now at the point where we urgently need additional specialists at our sites in Angelburg and Breidenbach in order to further drive the business," says Ulrike Bonacker, HR Manager at CHRISTMANN + PFEIFER. Shortage of skilled workers. As usual in the classic start-up, C + P is particularly looking for doers and designers.

The production for the C + P modular building will be expanded, the sales channels need their way – not only the manual skills and engineering know-how in the team are decisive, but also fun in project management, the will to succeed and the willingness to follow paths that still have not leaked. Of course, it is a fundamental difference not to start in an established system, but to establish it first. But Ulrike Bonacker is confident that this is what makes the advertised positions attractive for creative minds, inventors and people who are eager to learn.

Of course, the new team will not be thrown into cold water. C + P knows what needs to be done. Only a few years ago we successfully established a modular parking system on the market with the Preflex® Parking Garage. The cold water is already pleasantly preheated. "With our almost 100-year company history, we are clearly different from a start-up: we go all-in with courage, but with a century of entrepreneurial experience and the good feeling that the project ship is prepared against headwinds and waves and will reach the shore safely. Our experienced minds are just great at it."

Currently, 15 open positions are to be filled for the modular construction segment. Amongst others we are looking for architects, calculators, sales employees, project managers, plant mechanics and electronics engineers. Quite an entire team. However, this is also a novelty at C + P. And already now a clear commitment to the success of the product – and to the region. You can hardly feel more welcome as an applicant.

Further information on the advertised positions are available in the C + P job portal.