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Demand Spurs Production

Structural Steelwork Production in Breidenbach Expanded with 3.5 M Euro Investment.

Christmann & Pfeifer Construction GmbH & Co. KG (the overall holding company of the "Construction" division) concluded financial year 2017 with record new order levels, sales and earnings. The corporate division benefited from the ongoing strength of the economy and associated good demand for industrial and commercial buildings.

In order to continue satisfying this demand, the production capacities at our Breidenbach site are currently undergoing expansion. A total of 3.5 million euro will be invested, most of which will flow into a 4,000 square meter production hall. The first stage of the hall, fitted with two 25 ton cranes, was already commissioned in April 2018. The next stage will see an old 35,000 cubic meter hall demolished to create space for constructing the second half of the new hall, which includes new social areas for the workforce, by the end of 2018.

"In particular, the increasing demand for our two market-ready product innovations, the Preflex® Parking Garage and the GlobalHome provided the impetus for the investment. The new production hall is the logical consequence of the successful positioning of both products in the market. We are pleased that these - together with our proven construction services - are receiving a very positive response from our clients," explains Rolf Heinecke, CEO of Christmann & Pfeifer Construction GmbH & Co. KG.