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CHRISTMANN + PFEIFER at "Parking 2015"

Presentation of the New Modular Preflex® Parking Garage at the "Parking" Exhibition in Berlin.

CHRISTMANN + PFEIFER presented its mobile Preflex® Parking Garage product for the first time at the Parking 2015 Exhibition in Berlin, and met with considerable interest from the many visitors. Using the prototype and various documentary films, a demonstration was given of just how easy, rapid and flexible building a parking garage can be - and that a parking garage really can be delivered in the morning, erected during the day, and used by cars on the same evening.

Many of the visitors were very positively surprised, confirmed their interest in the new product and contributed ideas for its use themselves. The mobile parking garage therefore provides a beneficial further approach to constructing parking garages.

"We became aware that such a product has not been available on the market before," reports Jürgen Tesch, CEO of the parking systems. He adds, "With our product we are filling a gap in the parking garage market in a manner that was previously not possible; namely more cost-efficiently, faster and more sustainably than ever before".