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A parking garage of your choice, please

... and as quickly as possible. No problem, thanks to the Preflex® Parking Garage from C + P.

The electronic mailbox flashes again. And rings the bell. Ping. "A new request." Michael Waldek, sales manager for the Preflex® Parking Garage at C + P Parkhausbau, based in Angelburg in Hesse, is happy to be distracted from it. "Of course I'm immediately curious. Inquiries from nowhere – that's always really exciting. Our parking garage concept is just our company baby, it gets special attention. Sometimes there is a lot of anticipation for a project, even if it isn't one yet. On the basis of the first parameters, a first feeling often develops as to whether something could become of it. "

In contrast to many classic industrial construction projects of his company CHRISTMANN + PFEIFER, a large part of the inquiries for the parking garage does not come from word of mouth, regular customers and follow-up orders. “Here it is often interested parties who stumbled across the product online. For very different directions, industries and reasons. The classic Google search leads them to us. Because they simply have a shortage of parking spaces and the pressure to fix them quickly. There has to be something different than a lengthy construction project with complex approval procedures, earthworks and concreting work. "

Simple, Fast, Flexible

And exactly the opposite of this is promised by C + P with its Preflex® Parking Garage: a car park that can be realized in no time. A flexible solution, for example for inner-city hospitals and car dealerships. And equally for employee parking decks on company premises. For everyone who wants to make the most of their capacities. C + P realized over 800 parking spaces within a few weeks on a trade fair site.

Why is it going so fast? Because that was exactly the basic idea. “We basically wanted to develop the beer tent set under the parking garages. Set up quickly, dismantle quickly, but also stable enough for long-term use, ”Michael Waldek explains the idea behind the product.

The Modular Preflex® System

This works because part of the parking garage is manufactured in advance: “We manufacture the individual modules in our own production facility while the construction site is being prepared. Each module consists of steel supports and a steel composite panel. With the production in advance, we save time on the construction site. When the new space for the parking garage is ready, we only have to deliver and assemble the individual modules. "

What sounds standardized is less rigid than expected. In the case of all projects implemented so far, one would not assume the same module system at first glance. Especially in the exterior design, when it comes to ramps, facades and the number of floors, the building owners have scope for their wishes. And if there is a tree worth preserving in the middle of the building site, then the parking garage is built around it – that has already been done.

However, speed ​​is not the only argument. The innovative C + P product is a sustainable one. It has also been used as a rental property for a manageable amount of time. In the end it was removed without leaving any residue – and is now waiting for the next use. "I can offer the car park both secondhand and temporarily. For some customers, these are decisive reasons, because one, the other or even both are required, ”says Michael Waldek.

Truck Parking Garage

As the traffic increases steadily, so does the need for parking space. Of course, this not only applies to cars, but even more so to trucks. The highlight: The Preflex® system can also be used for them. With a modified construction, it also offers truck parking spaces. “The system is so flexible that so much can be done. Maybe one or the other customer may try to show us the limits. We are happy to accept this challenge ... "