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Preflex Parking Garage retrofitted

An employee and customer parking garage in Marburg was subsequently given an additional parking level with a further 150 spaces.

A current example from Marburg in Hesse shows how flexible parking garage construction with the Preflex® Parking Garage by CHRISTMANN + PFEIFER is.

In 2018, we built a parking garage in Preflex® construction here on the grounds of the municipal utility company with a total of 360 parking spaces for employees as well as customers and patients of the adjacent health center. Almost three years later, an additional third floor was added to the two-story building within a few weeks. A new spiral ramp, also consisting of specially manufactured Preflex® panel elements, now leads to the top parking deck with another 150 parking spaces. Of course, the parking garage could still be used during the extension work.

Curious? More details on the project and additional images can be found in our references. The video on the right shows how easy it is to install a Preflex® spiral ramp.