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Preflex® Parking Garage now also usable for trucks

CHRISTMANN + PFEIFER announces fight to lack of truck parking spaces.

The problem of missing truck parking spaces along German motorways is well known – crowded parking and rest areas as well as boxed in entry and exit areas are the result. According to industry estimates, the number of missing parking spaces is even in the five-digit range and a change in this situation – at least in the short term – not foreseeable because: the development of new parking areas is tedious, costly and often hardly feasible, since suitable areas are scarce.

This is where we start with CHRISTMANN + PFEIFER and now also sell the modular Preflex® Parking Garage as a parking solution for trucks. "The idea is simple: Existing parking areas are easily built over in the modular car park and converted into truck parking decks," says Ulrich Metz, Managing Director of C + P Parkhausbau GmbH & Co. KG, describing the principle. CHRISTMANN + PFEIFER already has experience with enlarging existing parking spaces, because the Preflex® Parking Garage is the ideal solution for this particular application.

Compared to the traditional construction of multi-storey car parks, the Preflex® Parking Garage shifts the actual manufacturing process from the construction site to a central production facility. There, the standardized modules are completely pre-produced and then only set up, assembled and positively connected with each other at the construction site. Apart from the necessary foundations, no formwork or concreting work is required.

In this way, additional parking spaces can be created in no time at all – on request, either permanently or temporarily, as the Preflex® Parking Garage can be dismantled if necessary. Managing Director Ulrich Metz explains: "Especially here we see a big advantage for the truck parking sector. The fact that the parking decks can be dismantled if necessary, makes the planning horizon and the investment volume manageable since that makes rental solutions also possible. "

We gladly accept inquiries on our truck parking decks.