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Hall construction with CHRISTMANN + PFEIFER

More than square, practical, good: What hall construction projects for industry and commerce can do.

“A new industrial hall, please”, are often inquiries received by CHRISTMANN + PFEIFER (C + P). Great, exactly these inquiries are spot on in our in-house network of specialists, because industrial and commercial buildings are our daily bread. Really fresh, delicious, good bread. After all, not all bread is the same. And not all halls are the same. Regardless of whether it is an industrial hall, warehouse, production hall, logistics hall, high-bay warehouse: At first glance, they are often simply angular, practical and good. At second glance, however, none of the others are the same. Each one is unique. And so we actually build throughout Germany, but neither according to the scheme nor with system parts. We give every hall and every client the attention and individual treatment that they deserve. This is the only way to ensure that projects work out successfully - be it in terms of adherence to deadlines, costs or use.

We at CHRISTMANN + PFEIFER have a little basics of hall construction as an ace up our sleeve to make hall construction projects a success:

  • Having our own steel production facilitygives you flexibility and minimizes dependencies. It is good to have a partner who knows what is important in production and who controls it himself. This creates scope for creativity. When planning, production and assembly are closely interlinked, projects succeed without friction losses.
  • Each hall construction service package can be individually bundled. Regardless of whether it is more or less: C + P maps the entire cycle from planning to production and, if required, to turnkey construction - or just individual performance levels. The customers put together the project for and around their hall construction themselves. C + P is just as happy to be involved in the project as a provider of one single service as it is as a general contractor.
  • An individual solution is not a special request in our company. Because if you assume that every building project is unique, it cannot deviate from any ideal. Whether hygiene requirements in the pharmaceutical or cosmetics industry, black and white separation at fire brigades or an airplane on the roof of the Technik Museum Sinsheim: Everything is totally normal, with almost 100 years of experience in our luggage and many individual specialized companies, we are well equipped and trained in realizing customer requests. “Go once, everything is included” - this advertising slogan also fits here. Easy, when expertise for planning, production and construction management is available at any time.
  • Small versus big? Small and big! The size of a project is not important. It does not decide on how to realize it. We at C + P are just as happy and good at building small warehouses for retailers as we are at building a multi-storey high-bay warehouse for a sports mail-order business that operates throughout Germany.
  • Everything revolves… but not about C + P. Hall construction projects have already been implemented several times for customers on the premise that production and operational processes are not disrupted.
  • Plans can be carried out and implemented. Above all, at C + P, we want to think along and to advise. And let the project succeed with intensive support.

With our construction projects, we at CHRISTMANN + PFEIFER are writing the history and entrepreneurial success of the commissioning company. Many have been coming back us for decades now - because here planning and building are carried out at eye level. Every strong company needs equally strong partners. This is how large and small building projects succeed. And they are not only angular, practical and good.