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CHRISTMANN + PFEIFER is one of Germany's best construction companies

New market research study examines brand popularity and customer satisfaction

Great joy and also a portion of pride waft through the office corridors and production halls of CHRISTMANN + PFEIFER: In the study "Germany's Best 2020" carried out by Focus Money and Deutschland Test, C + P ranks third in the construction company segment.

In doing so, we outshine one or the other well-known and large market competitor. For the data collection of  “Germany's Best”, around 87 million consumer statements and customer ratings for a total of around 24,000 brands were evaluated. The fact that we were able to assert ourselves as David against many Goliaths in the construction company category shows: customer and consumer opinions speak their own and unambiguous language. Customer satisfaction was the core of the survey.

We are very pleased about the award and the associated appreciation of our customers. Every day we work hard to redeem the confidence expressed towards our company with every order: noiseless, competent and goal-oriented. When clients and customers keep coming back to us, we feel: We have succeeded! How nice to have this reflected in black and white as the result of such a survey.

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