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Proven and excellently innovative

CHRISTMANN + PFEIFER is one of Germany's most innovative companies

A study by Deutschland Test in cooperation with the business magazine Focus now shows in black and white what industry partners and customers have known for a long time: CHRISTMANN + PFEIFER is one of Germany's most innovative companies. As one of five companies, it is listed in the "Construction" subcategory. Criteria for the assessment were innovation activity, investments, research & development, new products and technology.

What makes CHRISTMANN + PFEIFER so innovative? “Above all, these are our own product developments: our Preflex® Parking Garage for both cars and trucks as well as our modular building. We developed both products in-house from the first idea to marketability. To make that happen, innovative minds developed special manufacturing processes, designed machines and optimized materials. We have systematically expanded the expertise in steel construction that has been applied in the company for almost 100 years. In this way, in addition to our extensive industrial construction services, we create state-of-the-art products practically and efficiently", says Rolf Heinecke, managing partner of the company.

The flexible Preflex® Parking Garage

And these new products are in demand. With the Preflex® Parking Garage, customers can quickly build a car park. A flexible solution, for example for inner-city hospitals and car dealerships. And equally for employee parking decks on company premises. C + P realized over 800 parking spaces on a trade fair site within a few weeks. This works because part of the parking garage is built in advance. The individual parking elements are prefabricated in our own production, while the construction site is prepared in parallel. The innovative C + P product is, as it were, a sustainable one. It has also been used as a rental property for a manageable amount of time. In the end it was removed without leaving any residue – and is now waiting for its next use.

The serially manufactured C + P modular building

Serving special and universal customer requirements is also the idea behind the C + P modular building. Thanks to serial production, the construction time can be significantly reduced compared to conventional construction. The individual modules are completely prefabricated in the factory, then delivered to the construction site and assembled there in no time to form a ready-to-use C + P modular building. Regardless of whether it is a residential building, hotel, office building, day care center or retirement home: Thanks to standardized production, those who build modularly benefit from consistently high quality and a high degree of planning security. As a general contractor, CHRISTMANN + PFEIFER takes care of the complete turnkey construction of modular buildings – from the first consultation and planning through the manufacture and equipment of the modules to the handover of the ready-to-move-in building.

In everyday company life, innovations and new products are individual cutouts of the big picture. “Ultimately, we simply work solution-oriented. Every solution is actually an innovation. If we are certified to be innovative, then we are happy to take that as a statement about the quality of our entire service portfolio", summarizes Rolf Heinecke.

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