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C + P Bridge Building delivers VFT girders

110-ton bridge sections across federal highway 175 are lifted to the millimeter.

C + P Brückenbau GmbH & Co. KG, headquartered in Freiberg, delivered and assembled VFT girders for a new pedestrian and cycle bridge in the Zwickau district of Mosel at the end of April. The 50-meter-long, four-meter-wide and 100-ton carriers span the Federal Highway 175 as well as the tracks of Deutsche Bahn. A 400-ton crane was needed to lift the girders to the millimeter. The other bridge construction works, such as the concreting work for the carriageway, will now be carried out on site without further adversely affecting traffic.

"Whenever we work on the transport infrastructure, logistics is a special challenge. Here we have to work as quickly and efficiently as possible – and we can do that only with the most accurate planning in advance," summarizes Managing Director Michael Steeger with relief after the successful fitting.