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2013 Christmas Donation

CHRISTMANN + PFEIFER Supports the "Bärenherz" Children's Hospice with a 5,000 Euro Donation.

This year, we again decided to make a donation instead of sending Christmas gifts. Our donation this time goes to the "Bärenherz" Foundation, which supports the "inconspicuous and little ones". Specifically, these are institutions, particularly children's hospices, for families with children who are terminally ill and have only a short life expectancy.

Bärenherz Foundation: Improving Quality of Life and Easing the Burden on Families

Imagine your own child is terminally ill or severely disabled. Having to cope with this fate, which often ends in the child's death, is always the worst thing that can happen to parents. Being there for people who have no choice in having to experience this touch-and-go situation - this is the task the Bärenherz Foundation has set itself. Thrusting the taboo subject of "children's deaths" into focus characterizes the special value its work has for society. For ten years now, a committed team of paid employees and volunteers has been committed to raising awareness of the children's hospice and the important work it does for children and families in the greatest need. They also raise funds and endowment contributions for the two children's hospices "Bärenherz" and "Nesthäkchen". Thanks to the foundation's work in the areas of public relations and fund raising, it was possible to open the children's hospices in Wiesbaden and Markkleeberg and ensure their ongoing funding. The Bärenherz Foundation has built up an effective network of people, companies, idealists and employees who support and attend to terminally ill children and their families with much dedication.

"A children's hospice isn't a place you want to visit. But you're glad it's there when you need it." These few words perhaps best express how much help, understanding and security children's hospices offer those affected - terminally ill children, youths and adults with their families.