Construction of a New Surfaces Center

The Krone vehicle plant in Werlte (Lower Saxony) produces around 30,000 commercial vehicle units per year, including tarpaulin and suitcase saddle trailers, container chassis, changing systems, trailers and motor car superstructures. C + P built a new surface center where chassis for semi-trailers are being painted and powder-coated. In an eleven-week assembly period only, we built the steel structure for the 16,500 square meter and 20 meter high hall. In addition, we were responsible for the stage and plant steel construction within this project.

Bauherr Developer Fahrzeugwerk Bernard Krone
Leistung Service Structural Steelwork
Place of construction Werlte, Lower Saxony
Tonnage 2,000 t


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Structural Steelwork.

Due to its sustainable characteristics, flexibility of use and economic efficiency, we rely on steel as the ideal material for industrial buildings.

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Construction requires regional support, so CHRISTMANN + PFEIFER is represented via several branches and production facilities throughout Germany.

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Structural Steelwork Production.

Thanks to our own production sites in Germany, we can flexibly handle production capacities at any time and implement projects with pinpoint accuracy.

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