Column-free ballroom ceiling made of PREFLEX girders

We have been manufacturing PREFLEX® girders for bridge construction for many decades and, thanks to this experience, we are of course aware of the performance of the double composite girder. We were able to prove that this performance also extends to applications outside of bridge construction with this special project in Munich, where our proven bridge construction technology was used in building construction to erect a column-free ballroom ceiling.

The ballroom of the Munich Marriott Hotel City West, which opened in 2023, covers an area of 24.5 x 37.5 meters and is six meters high. Despite the weight of the seven-storey hotel building that rests on it, the ceiling was constructed without columns. This was made possible by the use of eight PREFLEX® double composite girders, each weighing up to 74 tons and measuring 25 meters in length.

Back in 2020, the PREFLEX® girders were installed in four days and nights using the world's most powerful telescopic crawler crane; today they are no longer visible in the chic finished ballroom, but are all the more indispensable from a structural point of view.

An exciting project that makes it possible to experience the tried and tested bridge girder in a completely different context.

Photos: Munich Marriott Hotel City West, C + P, Köster GmbH

Bauherr Developer Munich Marriott Hotel City West
Leistung Service Structural Steelwork, Bridge Building
Tonnage 500 t
Place of construction Munich, Bavaria


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