Addition of Another Level to an Office and Administration Building

When a business grows, so too must its buildings: This is why the company Günther Heisskanaltechnik (hot runner technology) invested 2.5 million euro for extending its administration building at its site in Frankenberg. CHRISTMANN + PFEIFER added one more floor to the building in accordance with plans from Frankenberg architect Karsten Braune. The work involved erecting a steel structure on top of the existing building. This created some 600 square meters of additional office space and – through the external girder structure - a roofed terrace area. The work also involved renewing the roof and facade. Insulated trapezoidal roof sheeting and Kalzip-covering were fitted to the roof, while the building shell was upgraded with 850 m² Domico facade. The firm's employees were able to continue using their offices during the six-month renovation phase.

Bauherr Developer GÜNTHER Heisskanaltechnik GmbH
Leistung Service Structural Steelwork
Place of construction Frankenberg, Hesse
Tonnage 46 t


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