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Christmas Donation 2019

CHRISTMAS + PFEIFER supports the work of the Jakob Muth School in Regensburg with 5,300 euros

For several years now, CHRISTMANN + PFEIFER has no longer had customer gifts at Christmas time - instead, the corresponding budget is being given to a good cause. For the first time, the money went to an institution in Bavaria, the "Freundeskreis der Jakob-Muth-Schule Regensburg e. V.". Company representatives have now handed over the symbolic donation check for 5,300 euros to the Chairman of the "Freundeskreis", Mr. Harald Kellner, on the premises of the Jakob Muth School.

A C + P employee had proposed the association as this year's recipient of the donation: "With C + P Industriebau Regensburg and C + P Schlüsselfertiges Bauen Regensburg, we have two independent companies in Bavaria. That is why it was important to us to make a conscious statement for this region this year,” explains Rolf Heinecke, managing director of CHRISTMANN + PFEIFER.

The joy of receiving the donation was clearly felt when Headmistress Dr. Sabine Kellner-Mayrhofer received the good news by phone at the end of 2019. "The "Freundeskreis der Jakob-Muth-Schule Regensburg e. V." supports the preschool, school and mobile facilities of our school. Donations like those from CHRISTMANN + PFEIFER help us with the personnel and material equipment and thus contribute to an improvement in the teaching and learning situation,” she describes the cooperation between the school and the support association. "I spontaneously come up with several things for which we could specifically use the donation: a new table tennis table would be great, but joint activities such as a visit to the cinema or a school campus would also be conceivable," the headmistress continued.

As part of the handover of the donation, the representatives of CHRISTMANN + PFEIFER had the opportunity to get an idea of ​​everyday school life at the Jakob Muth School and were certain that the Christmas donation 2019 is in the right place!