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Road bridge with special assembly technology

Assembly of a steel arch bridge by tilting both bridge halves into each other.

Bridge construction has been an integral part of the C + P product portfolio for decades. During this time, we have realized many projects - from large to small, from standard to extraordinary. One of our current bridge construction projects definitely falls into the "extraordinary" category due to the assembly technology used.

For a new road bridge in Frechen near Cologne, we manufactured four arch sections with a unit weight of 60 tons each, a width of 2.40 meters and a length of 13 meters. During erection, things got spectacular: The two halves of the bridge were initially built 33 meters vertically upwards and then tilted into each other within a few hours over a weekend. Due to this special type of assembly and the railroad line running underneath, special planning and logistical challenges arose.

A project that you don't experience every day because of these aspects and that's why we captured it in a video documentary.