Traineeship helps with professional orientation.

Finding your own way step by step.

From traineeship to permanent position

Sometimes you stand in front of many signposts and still don't really know which way it should be - after all, you need to know which destination you actually want to head for.

Easier said than done! That's exactly how Robin Klingelhöfer feels when, after graduating as a freshly minted industrial engineer, he considers HOW to get started professionally. It is easier for him to ask WHERE he would like to get started: After years of commuting between his hometown and his technical university in Friedberg, Hesse, he finally wants to work close to home again. During his research, he came across CHRISTMANN + PFEIFER. Here, they are explicitly looking for young professionals.

The pondering begins. Can this be a good fit for him? The business part of his studies had prepared him well, of course - that's always a solid foundation for entering industry. He had done his practical phase and bachelor's thesis at an auditing firm. There would definitely be interfaces there. For his master's thesis, Robin had moved into metalworking - material controlling was his hobbyhorse here. Actually, it was also universally applicable. The engineering part of his studies, however, was related to mechanical engineering - did that make him a good fit for the construction industry? Should he try something outside his known territory? Would the basic technical understanding also be sufficient for the construction industry?

Robin takes the plunge into uncharted waters and applies for a trainee year. During the interview, he discusses with the HR manager that he will pass through various stations in order to get to know the company intensively with its numerous specialized companies and broad range of products. And to find the place where he can contribute to success with his strengths.

A taste of what it's like: open doors for trainees

He starts in turnkey construction, accompanies Project Managers and assists in coordinating construction projects. For example, a new church building with a community center in Darmstadt. He then moves to the Leipzig site for four weeks, where a modular construction project is being implemented at the time. From there he moves on to modular construction project management, after which he temporarily finds his place in engineering, the company's internal planning office for steel structures.

During his last station, he again supports a Project Manager - this time in industrial steel construction, where C + P builds halls for trade and industry: production halls, plants, workshops. Gradually, he gets more responsibility in project handling and as his trainee year is coming to an end, the signpost clearly shows where to go.

"The trainee year showed me the many possible areas and ways of working at C + P. I was able to gain an unbiased insight without committing myself in advance."


Robin Klingelhöfer, Junior Project Manager

In the meantime, the trainee year has come to an end. And in joint discussions with mentors and HR management, Robin has now also found his place in a permanent position: He works as a Junior Project Manager in steel construction, driving industrial building and parking garage projects. And is happy to recommend his path for starting a career to other graduates: "I think this is a very good approach for career starters to quickly gain a lot of experience in a defined period of time and find their own place."