From university to office:

Actively shaping the digitalization process as a Junior Project Manager

In a company like CHRISTMANN + PFEIFER, everything revolves around large-scale construction - be it aircraft hangars, parking garages, production halls or office buildings. This requires creative ideas, impressive constructions and plenty of experience. But there's more to it than that, because digitalization is also increasingly finding its way into the construction industry. And it is not only influencing the planning and implementation of construction projects themselves, but also business processes in general. Topics such as standardization, workflows and the use of suitable software solutions are at the forefront.

All of these are topics that Michael focused on as part of his business studies at the Technical University Mittelhessen. Topics that interest him and that he would also like to deal with in his day-to-day work. It was not without reason that the critical success factors in the introduction of an ERP system were the subject of his bachelor's thesis.

The internship...

But before starting his career, he first had to complete a mandatory internship, for which Michael was looking for a company close to home. "CHRISTMANN + PFEIFER," he says, "wasn't really on my radar until then, to be honest." But online research brought him to the company's website and what he read there sounded exciting. So he applied and was invited to an interview. "I was immediately impressed by the tasks I was given and was really motivated to start my career at and with C + P." During the internship, he was first familiarized with the commercial and business processes and got to know the company and its structures. This was followed by taking on his first project task: recording and modeling business processes in a special software. followed by a permanent position

He enjoyed his work as an intern, successfully completed his bachelor's degree in the meantime and took the next logical step by starting his career. As a Junior Manager for Digitalization, he now focuses full-time on the topics that had already inspired him during his studies: Capturing and analyzing business processes and workflows and transferring them into suitable standard software. A perfect match, because now he can put his theoretical know-how from his bachelor's thesis on ERP systems and their successful use into practice as part of his first own project.

He is looking forward to the tasks and the associated challenges. He has found the right environment at C + P. "The work and the topics are exciting. I was given a lot of trust here right from the start and I can work very independently. At the same time, I know that I have a lot of support and can turn to my colleagues at any time if I have any questions. The working atmosphere is very good and the team is relaxed." Michael has arrived well as a young professional in his first job and is well equipped - both for his own personal career and for the digital future.