Career start in Project Management

Growing with the projects:

Working as a young professional in Project Management

How do you start your job as a young professional at CHRISTMANN + PFEIFER? Willy Eimann did as a Junior Project Manager in Leipzig. Today he can say: the beginning has been made, he has arrived. With a bachelor´s degree in civil engineering, he joined the team straight from university at the age of 27 – and now handles turnkey industrial construction projects, planning and coordinating the individual trades.

And how did it feel to start his career? Definitely exciting. But he wasn´t thrown in at the deep end, he says. On the one hand, because he already has a lot of construction site experience himself: Before studying at the HTWK in Leipzig, he had completed an apprenticeship as a locksmith and therefore got to know the processes and customs on construction sites, which helps. On the other hand, he was initially allowed to closely work with the experienced “old hands”.

"Project Management is very specific. You know what you're working for."

Willy Eimann, Junior Project Manager

Step by step, the first smaller tasks and his own projects were added. Currently, he is working on a major project with an experienced colleague: the new Porsche Center in Leipzig. The visualization in the office shows the work that will be done in the coming months and years. Yet the drawing doesn´t reveal how many balls will have to be juggled at the same time. But Willy is looking forward to the challenge: “Project management is very specific. You know what you`re working for,” he says, citing one of the advantages of his job.

In the meantime, Willy has not only settled into his day-to-day job as an engineer, he especially enjoys seeing his own professional career take off. “Here, you can simply ask anyone and gain new experience every day,” he says, describing what motivates him.