Three halls on new company campus

For the relocation of an entire company headquarter and the design of a new company campus, C + P supplied and installed steel, roof, wall, as well as the gate systems and skylights for three buildings.

The order comprised a total of 500 tons of steel, 6,000 square meters of roof area and 4,500 square meters of facade - the halls will be used as pipe stores, for pressure vessel and apparatus construction, and as an office and production hall. The steel was manufactured at our production sites in Breidenbach and Freiberg, and the shop drawings required for fabrication were drawn up in-house based on the customer's specifications.

This enabled NEUMO, a manufacturer of products for production systems in the food and pharmaceutical industries as well as biotechnology and semiconductors, to relocate its production from the village center in Knittlingen, Baden-Württemberg, to the new NEUMO Ehrenberg campus with a total area of 34,000 square meters in an outlying commercial center within just 16 months.

Bauherr Developer NEUMO GmbH + Co. KG
Leistung Service Structural Steelwork
Tonnage 500 t
Place of construction Knittlingen, Baden-Württemberg


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