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New Bridge for the National Horticultural Show

30 m Long Bridge Section From CHRISTMANN + PFEIFER Floats Freely in the Felsenmeer - One of the Most Significant Geotopes in Germany.

The Felsenmeer ("sea of rocks") is one of the most significant geotopes in Germany. The City of Hemer commissioned a viewing platform, bridge and jetty in and through the Felsenmeer for the National Horticultural Show in 2010. CHRISTMANN + PFEIFER manufactured a 30 meter bridge section as a special structure. It was lifted into place over the treetops and it fitted precisely into the Felsenmeer environment.

During the extension of the pathway from the "Park of Senses" a steel-timber platform structure was built, which allows visitors a view into the 20 meter deep gorge. Accessible to people with disabilities. The bridge in the southern part of the Felsenmeer allows a new view from above and below into the Felsenmeer.