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German Steel Construction Engineering Award

Award for a bridge structure with C + P participation in the German Steel Construction Engineering Award 2020

Good things come to those who wait: On the occasion of the 40th German Steel Construction Day ("Deutscher Stahlbautag") in Berlin, the Steel Construction Awards 2020 were presented a few weeks ago - two years late due to the pandemic. Among the winning entries for the German Steel Construction Engineering Award was a project with C + P participation: The bridge 400c over the freeway A3 near Schwaig close to Nuremberg.

The award was presented to the engineering office Leonhardt, Andrä und Partner from Dresden. Being the executing steel construction company for this project, we also received the corresponding certificate. At the time, we produced the 120-ton steel part for the 60-meter-long bridge according to the design of the renowned gmp architects von Gerkan, Marg und Partner from Berlin.

In its laudatory speech, the jury emphasized that the structure stands out both in terms of aesthetics and load-bearing behavior of the steel. The dissolved composite bridge impressively demonstrates how steel, cleverly planned and processed, both serves design requirements and flexibly fulfills structural tasks. The high degree of prefabrication, both in the steel structure and in the concrete slab, is a sign of modern construction that promotes the use of steel as a building material.