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Building is a matter of trust

New Weber company site in Werther was realized in close cooperation of a well-rehearsed team

The company Weber Maschinenbau from Breidenbach (Hesse) inaugurated its new plant in Werther, East Westphalia, with an "open day". The building will create new space for the production of components and formatting and cutting tools for packaging machines as well as for the more than 50 employees.

"To further strengthen our customer proximity, to increase our competence in the field of packaging and to create even faster reaction times with our services and spare parts supply — these are our requirements. With the new building in Werther, we will live up to it", explains CEO Tobias Weber. The company currently employs 1,400 people at 24 locations worldwide.

However, while venturing something new in East Westphalia, the global player still relied on local players. The newly built building ensemble, consisting of an office building and a workshop with a total area of approx. 6,000 square meters, was planned and realized by the well-rehearsed team that already successfully expanded the production site for Weber in Breidenbach:

The engineering and architecure firm ISS 3.0 Schubert + Steinberg from the city of Bad Laasphe took over the planning and project management, the 420 tons of steel for the structural steelwork were manufactured in our own C + P production facilities.

All in all, C + P completed the entire outer shell of the building, i. e. the "roof and wall", and in doing so also took over the trapezoidal sheet metal covering as well as the domico façade, gates and doors. "Building is a matter of trust. With a well-rehearsed team, you can get to your destination faster and more efficiently", says Jügen Künkel, project manager at C + P Industriebau GmbH & Co. KG, on the result of the renewed cooperation. "If you have internalized the wishes, needs and work processes of a company, you can tailor an object to suit the company's individual needs", adds construction engineer Friedrich Steinberg, owner of ISS 3.0.

And so the project Werther is completed, but the successful cooperation is already in the next round. The expansion of the headquarters in Breidenbach in the same constellation is already being driven forward.