Dual Study Program Civil Engineering

Dual study program civil engineering

Career start on a solid foundation

"Very interesting and not boring for a second!" This is how Jonas sums up his start into the dual study program at CHRISTMANN + PFEIFER in a nutshell. He has settled in well into the everyday study life, knows the processes and the people, and things have become routine.

It was clear early on that he would follow this path after graduating from high school. He has always enjoyed math and physics, and when he made civil engineering his advanced course at the vocational grammar school, there was hardly any way around civil engineering left. And it was almost as clear that he wanted to do a dual course rather than a full-time course. At his older sister's, Jonas had previously seen how a dual course of study works, how practice and theory are balanced, how you actively work in the company, are part of the team and can apply what you have learned directly in everyday life. And, of course, the fact that you earn money while you are studying - a not unimportant aspect. He likes this overall package. He searched online for open study places, came across CHRISTMANN + PFEIFER, applied, was invited to an interview and was accepted shortly afterwards.

The course starts with an introductory phase at the company. Here he first gets to know various departments and specialist areas, is allowed onto the construction site and is introduced to tasks and projects. Jonas is studying civil engineering, specializing in construction management, construction, infrastructure (BKI) and is completing the practical part of his studies at C + P Engineering, CHRISTMANN + PFEIFER's in-house engineering office. Statics and structural design are his main subjects here.

The theoretical phases of the dual study program take place at the StudiumPlus Campus of the THM in Wetzlar. Jonas particularly likes the manageable group size, which leaves plenty of room for practical lessons and exchanging experiences with other students. Conversely, theory is not neglected during the practical phases in the company, as project reports on a previously defined topic have to be prepared in consultation with the company.

"I definitely made the right decision by choosing the dual study program."

Jonas Geisel, dual study course civil engineering

Jonas is certain that this dual study program is a well-rounded experience. After all, as a civil engineer he will have exciting career opportunities later on and can work in a wide variety of positions - whether in structural engineering, planning, project management or costing. There are plenty of examples of this at CHRISTMANN + PFEIFER, as the dual study program in civil engineering is already a tradition here. He doesn't know yet where he will end up after his seven-semester Bachelor of Engineering course, but one thing is certain for Jonas: "I definitely made the right decision by choosing the dual study program."