Momentum Event.

Are you yearning for new momentum?

Your appointment calendar is full, your desk is overflowing, time is scarce and complexity is getting out of hand? Unfortunately, time for thought-provoking impulses and professional input often falls by the wayside. But this is especially important, because new thoughts create new ideas, solutions and dynamism – Einstein was already aware of this.

The physical quantity "momentum" describes the motion of a body having mass (p = m · v). A change in momentum results from the force acting on a body and the time over which it is applied. This is termed "impulse". At CHRISTMANN + PFEIFER we want to convey this impulse to you:

At our exciting, regularly occurring momentum events held at beautiful and unusual locations, we combine the interesting with the pleasurable, which allows us to offer information, new contacts, synergies and exchanges.

A Look Back at Past Momentum Events:

Momentum Event No. 5

The fifth CHRISTMANN + PFEIFER momentum event took place on 08.23.2018 at the terra mineralia museum in Freiberg.

Under the motto "On the rocks: of ore and silver rush" the participants first gained an insight into the subject of "ore mining in Saxony". In his entertaining and vivid momentum lecture, Prof. Bernhard Cramer, mining foreman at the Upper Mining Authority of Saxony, talked about the past, present and future of mining in the region.

An exclusive guided tour of the terra mineralia followed, during which participants were able to admire minerals, gems and meteorites from all over the world. The joint dinner, which took the form of a rustic Saxon buffet in the midst of the exhibition, offered a very pleasant framework for concluding the event with lively discussion.

Momentum Event No. 4

The fourth CHRISTMANN + PFEIFER momentum event took place under the motto<br/> "Old craftsmanship meets modern structural steelwork".

Following the arrival of the guests at the Cathedral of St Mary in Freiberg and a light snack, the cathedral organist, Albrecht Koch, President of the Gottfried-Silbermann Society, first gave the event participants an exclusive guided tour of the internals of the huge Silbermann organ. During the subsequent lecture in the rooms of the Silbermann Society, Mr. Koch then gave a talk on the connection between the traditional trades and modern steel construction.

Dinner together in the evening also allowed time for animated discussions. The event was rounded off with an organ concert in the cathedral, which the guests later reviewed over a glass of wine in the cathedral's cloister.

Momentum Event No. 3

This momentum event was the first to take place on the CHRISTMANN + PFEIFER premises in Freiberg.

In a live hacking demonstration a hacker demonstrated techniques for attacking systems connected to the internet and gave the participants valuable tips on keeping themselves safe online.

A top-class culinary experience was waiting, just in time for the barbecue season: During a meat and grilling seminar a master butcher and professional chef demonstrated the right methods of handling meat, the best way to fillet a whole salmon and how to bone roast beef - which was subsequently prepared for the barbecue. The guests even made their own bratwurst on that evening.

Between live hacking and barbecuing, the event participants also had an opportunity to visit the structural steelwork production facilities.

Momentum Event No. 2

The second CHRISTMANN + PFEIFER momentum event took the participants to Volkswagen's 'Glazed Manufacturing Hall'.

In his lecture, Prof. Henn, architect of this imposing building, highlighted the special characteristics of the building, which the participants were able to see in much greater detail during the subsequent exclusive guided tour.

At the following interactive wine tasting, five teams competed against each other and learned much more about the world of wine during a fine dining experience. In the "aroma alley" a blind tasting unveiled a range of aromas and it was particularly exciting to find out how the concentration changed the way in which the sense of smell perceived them.

Momentum Event No. 1

The first of the event series took place on 05.22.2014 at the Dresden Stadium.

After a specialist lecture given by Prof. Christian Niemöller from Frankfurt on the subject "Building law and contract drafting" there was a guided tour of the stadium. Following this, the participants cooked together in the VIP lounge of Lounge Cooking.

The atmosphere was as sunny as the weather and the event participants were able to get to know each other and share ideas over a glass of wine and drinks.

The momentum event came to a conclusion with dinner on the sunlit grandstand of the stadium with a view over the pitch and stands. A really special backdrop to a high quality menu cooked with love. The saying "too many cooks spoil the broth" definitely didn't apply here!

Impressions of Past Momentum Events: