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Modules made of steel and wood

Hybrid modules by CHRISTMANN + PFEIFER create a plus in ecological quality

The modular construction method can clearly score points in many aspects compared to the conventional construction method. Speed due to industrial and serial production plays a major role, but issues such as sustainability, ecological quality and resource efficiency are also becoming increasingly important. And this is precisely where we come in with our modules in steel-wood hybrid construction, because by using and combining steel and wood in modular construction, we are building on and with two proven materials that, seen over their entire life cycle, can be balanced as sustainable.

Steel can be recycled again and again without loss, and it is also characterized by its flexible usability and economic efficiency. As a steel construction specialist with almost 100 years of experience, we are aware of the advantages of this material and make optimum use of it in our modular construction projects. For example, it can be used to realize large spans with a small cross-section, enabling filigree and relatively lightweight structures. For good reason, therefore, the supporting structure of our modules consists of a steel construction. The exterior walls of our modules, on the other hand, are realized using prefabricated elemental wood stud walls. Through the complementary use of the renewable raw material wood, we place a special emphasis on sustainability and resource efficiency in the production of our modular buildings.

In this way, a modern and flexible product is created - the C + P modular building - which can be used in a wide variety of areas: from office buildings to daycare centers and schools to senior residences or a hotel, everything is feasible.