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Modular construction based on the construction kit principle

CHRISTMANN + PFEIFER implements highly individual building solutions based on the preconfigured SmartFit module

In recent decades, industrial manufacturing has increasingly found its way into the construction industry. What began in the 1970s with the construction of prefabricated houses has since evolved significantly: While the first prefabricated houses still exuded little esprit in terms of design, today there are virtually no limits to the design possibilities. And so modular construction is also steadily gaining in importance. The serial industrial production of room modules under controlled conditions has a positive effect on the entire construction process and offers advantages in terms of speed, sustainability, planning reliability and quality. Modular construction is an option for industrial and commercial builders as well as for private or public builders and project developers and investors.

We also offer modular construction solutions and rely on building according to the modular principle with our SmartFit modules. The method is very simple: Our C + P SmartFit room modules are based on a firmly defined standard grid. For the planning and realization of a modular building, these preconfigured room modules are assembled into a wide variety of building geometries as if put together from a construction kit. The interior design remains completely flexible. In this way, a standardized but at the same time highly individual and customized modular building solution is created.

In addition, we combine the two materials steel and wood in the production of the SmartFit modules to create a resource-efficient hybrid construction method. The supporting structure of the room modules consists of a steel structure, while the exterior walls are realized using prefabricated elemental wood stud walls. Steel is versatile, durable and can be reused and recycled without loss. By combining it with wood, a renewable raw material, two materials are used that can be balanced as sustainable over their entire life cycle.

Thanks to the flexible combination options of the SmartFit modules, a wide variety of building types can be realized with the C + P modular system: Office buildings or administrative buildings are just as possible as sales rooms, daycare centers or hotels. The CHRISTMANN + PFEIFER team takes care of the entire process, from integral planning according to BIM methodology to the production and assembly of the room modules and the coordination of all trades on the construction site. The result is the handover of the turnkey modular building. Built according to the modular principle. Executed tailor-made.