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Company presents itself to future civil engineers at the "Gießener Unternehmenstag"

At the Gießen campus of the Technical University of Central Hesse (THM), theory will be applied again on June 5, 2019 because at the annual "GUT - Gießener Unternehmenstag", students and potential employers will meet.

CHRISTMANN + PFEIFER can not be missing as an exhibitor at the recruiting fair and even brings along a former graduate as contact person. She will speak at 09:45 am on the topic "Off to the cold water - that's how the leap from study to practice succeeds".

"Traineeships and studies but also days like the GUT are good opportunities to get insights into the job and the company and to find out whether corporate culture and one's own attitude fit together," says HR manager Ulrike Bonacker about the event. The cooperation with THM has already resulted in many successful careers at C + P, so that they are looking forward to the exchange again this year, according to the HR manager.

More information on starting a career at C + P can be found in our career section; additionally you can find out more about the Gießener Unternehmenstag at