Working student at C + P.

Working alongside your studies –

of course that's possible at CHRISTMANN + PFEIFER!

Anna has been working as a student trainee at C + P Brückenbau in Leipzig for several months. As well as Dorian: He too has been on board as a working student at C + P for a few months now. He supports the team in the structural steel construction department at the headquarters in Angelburg.

But how do you get such jobs? And what exactly do the tasks look like? We'll just let Anna and Dorian tell it themselves!

Working student at C + P:

Anna Vogelweider

I'm Anna and I'm currently studying industrial engineering at the HTWK in Leipzig in my second semester. So far, I had always worked part time in gastronomy or in retail, but that was no longer possible during the pandemic and so I had to look around again. I then found the advertisement for the student job at C + P in Leipzig on an online platform. Great - that really fit!

I work here as a working student and work around 10 hours a week. I am always happy when I can come to the office, especially because there is currently so little presence at the university. The office near the Leipziger Messe is very modern and really nice, and above all the colleagues are really nice. I'm a real part of the team here - with my own office and permanent workplace.

Currently, I support the team with the post-calculation and documentation of the construction projects and the project managers also like to fall back on me and delegate project-related tasks. I can already use the knowledge from the first business modules during my studies on a regular basis - and conversely, I take a lot of knowledge with me.

My work here broadens my professional horizons, I learn so many new things and it is good for me to come into contact with professional life so easily. For me, the jump into the professionally appropriate student job was totally worth it. I can only recommend working as a working student!

Working student at C + P:

Dorian Bibleka

My name is Dorian and I have been working as a working student at C + P Industriebau in Angelburg for a few months. I am studying civil engineering at the THM in Gießen and am currently doing my master’s degree with a focus on construction and structural planning.

During a lecture by a fellow student, I became aware of C + P and I simply applied as a working student on my own initiative. At that time there was no vacancy, but luckily it worked out the second time.

I can perfectly harmonize work here with my studies: During the semester I work one day a week, during the semester break it's three days a week. During my studies I sometimes lack practical relevance ... but here in the office I gain so many insights!

I am currently working on the calculation. When I create parts lists here and assist, I also learn so much more about construction, which components are available and how they are arranged. I really kill two birds with one stone: I not only finance my living, but also deepen my knowledge. That's a great combination!