Technical draughtswoman becomes civil engineer.

From the draughtswoman to the civil engineer.

How personnel development saves job change – a report from practice.

Jana Ditze has just passed her secondary school diploma when she started her apprenticeship as a draughtswoman at CHRISTMANN + PFEIFER at the age of 16 in 2009, following in the footsteps of dad, grandfather and uncle. Not so inevitably though as the familiy tradition might suggest, but quite deliberately: "I had previously done an internship in this area, mathematical-technical interrelations have always been with me, I really wanted it." Determined she was even then. Mathematically and technicall savvy anyway. But still calm, quiet and almost timid, she sits in her chair in the technical office of the traditional company.

Still the same chair – new role

Barely ten years later, she still sits in the same place. Apart from that, the Jana of today, being an experienced employee, is worlds away from the Jana at the beginning of the job. She is now in a different role as a civil engineer and planning coordinator on the construction site, discusses the project with clients, drives projects forward and, as one of the interfaces, assembles individual services in a team. Calm? Quiet? Shy? That is past. "Jana has made an impressive development both professionally and competence-wise," summarizes Ulrike Bonacker, HR Manager at CHRISTMANN + PFEIFER.

Shaping the future with discipline and enthusiasm

The 10 years in fast motion sound sporty. Without a great deal of enthusiasm and discipline, this path wouldn't have been possible. During her apprenticeship, Jana learns CAD and drawing in 2D and, after finishing her apprenticeship, fumbles deeper and deeper into 3D planning for a year and a half. She completes her baccalaureate parallel to work, seeks more and more responsibility, a broader range of tasks – and finally gets the offer from the human resources department to enter a dual study program.

„CHRISTMANN + PFEIFER is the best thing that has happened to me. Here I simply had the ideal environment to expand and discover more facets of my personality."


Jana Ditze, Civil Engineer

Vocational training as an advantage for studying

In 2014, Jana starts studying civil engineering at the "Technische Hochschule Mittelhessen". She is amazed how much her vocational training helps to hone the academic side of her studies. "Sometimes it was much easier for me than it was for my classmates who came directly from school." The challenge were more often the soft skills: "To stand and present myself, for example – that was much more unfamiliar to me." But right here she discovers new. Talking a lot, talking to people, bringing people together, structuring projects – she discovers her strengths in project management. There is no trace of shyness when she travels in her area of expertise: "That's where I have profound knowledge."

In 2018, Jana Ditze completed her studies with a Bachelor of Engineering and is certain that she will sit on her chair at CHRISTMANN + PFEIFER for many more years.