Professional startup as construction engineer.

Learning to swim by building a new rescue wake on isle Langeoog.

Civil engineer Cedric Fassbender reports about his first big project.

Cedric Fassbender stands on the railing wearing a bright orange safety vest and looks at the calm North Sea. The 23-year-old is on his way to his first project as a construction supervisor. On Langeoog, his company, C + P Schlüsselfertiges Bauen, is building a new rescue wake for the "Rettungsdienst Mittelhessen". Cedric coordinates the trades locally, checks the work done and is the point of contact for the craftsmen at the construction site.

Gain your own experience – with strong support

After a total of three years of dual study program at the "Technische Hochschule Mittelhessen", he is now firmly employed as a civil engineer. Finally, he is allowed to "swim" alone. "However, I do not feel like being thrown into the cold water", he adds quickly. He had already interactively modeled this specific project for his bachelor thesis on BIM (Building Information Modeling).

The fact that he is actually not thrown into the cold water is also ensured by project manager Markus Specht. He has two decades of professional experience in his luggage and knows where to hand over responsibility. "Experience is immensely important in our industry. My young colleagues should have a safe space in which they can gain this experience".

"I drove a steep communication learning curve"

This means above all: to solve unforeseen difficulties again and again. "When we wanted to pour the screed before the summer break, everything was prepared – but the sand simply didn't come over, because on the ferries the large food deliveries at the beginning of the tourist season had priority," recalls Cedric. Everything does not always go according to plan – certainly not on the construction site. There is no preparation for this part of the work, not even for a thorough project coordination: "I think I've made a steep communication learning curve these months."

Staying tuned and making sure everyone has the same level of information and every change really reaches the performers: that was a long road. "Here, too, it was important to have an experienced project manager by my side who detects and counteracts irregularities in the construction process at an early stage."

At the end is the successfully completed project

Since early 2019, the rescue station is in operation as planned. Cedric's entry as a construction supervisor was a success. The weekly flying visits are long gone. "At some point I'll come back for a vacation. Knowing that you played a vital part in erecting a building with all its details is a special feeling," he says.

„Knowing that you played a vital part in erecting a building with all its details is a special feeling."


Cedric Fassbender, Civil Engineer