Product Development at C + P.

Tinkering, drawing, screwing and perfecting:

product development from the idea to market readiness.

"Product development" it says on his business card. But actually B.Eng. Georg Wagner is obstetrician. Not for people, but for new solutions and products by CHRISTMANN + PFEIFER.

He accompanies ideas through to implementation, looks for solutions and improvements when the going gets tough, develops machines and helps the company's own brands and products to market maturity. He tinkers and draws, screws and pushes things forward. No matter which baby's turn it is: it should be born healthy. Getting stuck is not an option.

First vocational training, then university degree

Georg Wagner is a mechanical engineer. But it all begins with him starting an apprenticeship as a construction mechanic for metal and shipbuilding at CHRISTMANN + PFEIFER in the mid-1990s.

He wanted to be in professional practice – sitting on the school desk had long lost its appeal. So metal becomes his material. He learns how to handle it: bending, soldering, milling, drilling, rolling, forming. And suddenly school is fun again. It is no longer theory versus practice. Theory and practice complement each other. Georg realizes that this double pack is what makes it so appealing.

He shortens his training time due to his very good performance and concludes his exam with excellent grades. Afterwards, he finds his place at the second stitching place in Breidenbach's steel construction. But he wants more, wants to develop further and therefore, decides to go to school again.

He graduates from high school and then studies mechanical engineering in the city of Gießen. Major: General mechanical engineering – this includes the areas of construction and industrial production, i.e. the methods on the way to the product.

He remains a practitioner during his studies. At the same time, he works through the industrial companies of the so-called "Marburg Hinterland" – in the evenings, at weekends, during the semester break. There are machine builders, mold builders, automotive suppliers, vehicle builders, special machine builders. And everything has its charm.

"Engineer's know-how plus creativity plus handicraft tinkering – for me, that is THE formular for a fulfilling job."


Georg Wagner, Product Developer at CHRISTMANN + PFEIFER


In 2014, he finds his way back to CHRISTMANN + PFEIFER after different professional positions. As either a practical theorist or a theoretical practitioner, he initially supports the development of the prototype for the first C + P modular building, the then so-called GlobalHome.

Whenever technical solutions are sought, handling and implementation are to be simplified or implemented, Georg Wagner can do it. The container modules need a better drive for the flaps? No problem. How can coupled flaps be improved in the setup so that they work even in the smallest of spaces?

He is also involved in the second major product development as an inventor. The idea came from within the company's own ranks: a prefabricated parking deck system that serves as a modular system for parking garages. Georg Wagner is part of the team that makes this idea a reality.

Today, years later, the Preflex® Parkging Garage is one of the youngest sales hits. At the beginning there were very practical questions: How do we build the molds for the production of the concrete slabs? How can an external vibrator be attached, how can the parking deck plates be turned after drying? These are the tasks for which he looks for solutions in everyday work.

He passes on his ideas in the form of drawings and sketches and perfects them until the result is right.

Engineer's know-how and creativity perfectly united

The only thing his job doesn't offer is some form of standardization and constants. That is what makes it so attractive for Georg Wagner. Being an engineer and working as a creative mind at the same time – he would have least anticipated that this combination would finally determine his day-to-day work.

An observation that Ulrike Bonacker, head of HR, also shares: The choice of training often lays a crucial foundation. However, this is not the only decisive factor for the future career path.

“Above all, it is attentive mentors, trainers and colleagues who reflect your own strengths well. If you can also reflect well on yourself, you will automatically continue to develop in a direction that corresponds to your own personality and skills. ”

"Fits exactly" is the closing credo when Georg Wagner was able to fine-tune one of his ideas down to the last detail. And his job also fits exactly – and exactly to him.