Type-appropriate career at C + P.

Walking in your shoes

This way to the type-appropriate job!

Actually, Sven Heinrich was just looking for an apprenticeship. And got the job. As a Technical systems planner at CHRISTMANN + PFEIFER. That was 2013. At the time, he didn't know exactly what to expect. "Somehow the jump from everyday school life into working life is connected with a bit of grumbling."

Vocational training with fun, motivation and success

How good that this feeling didn't last long. As soon as he was greeted on the first day, he felt part of the team. Daily routines and processes meant that he got right into the action. The tasks were always practical – and closely related to the day-to-day work of the trainer and colleagues. “These are conditions under which you are happy to come to work from day one. And under which you automatically like to learn. Anyway, I was super motivated. It's different from school, so I can really give hope to all those who sometimes struggle with school! “He is so motivated that in 2017 he even completed his training as the best trainee in Hesse. Work can – and should – be fun!

A while after the training, Sven realizes that there is more to discover. There are still so many opportunities opening up, especially in his professional field, construction planning. Mainly because it comes at a time when a lot is changing. Planning processes are also increasingly being digitized in construction. 3D models and digital twins are playing an increasingly important role. Drawing boards and pencils have long been replaced by CAD programs and computers. And technically a lot more is now possible.

„From the first day of my apprenticeship I was an integral part of the team and right in the middle of the action. It's fun and motivating. At C + P you are challenged and supported. That is why it was only logical for me to saddle up a dual study course after completing my training."


Sven Heinrich, studies Civil engineering in the dual study course "StudiumPlus"

The journey continues: dual study course of Civil engineering

Sven receives a lot of support and is motivated to develop professionally. To dare to sound out one's personal strengths. Further steps to go. To find more and more the place that really suits you. That is only possible if Sven knows how to assess himself well. He knows what he likes to do and what he is good at. And where he can contribute well. He also stays in touch with colleagues, supervisors and HR management.

And so Sven decides to saddle up a dual study program after completing his training. He is currently in his sixth semester as a prospective Civil engineer at the Technical University of Central Hesse in Wetzlar (StudiumPlus). During the semester he is a full-time student, in the practical phases he continues to work at C + P and by that, combines learning with project work and scientific work. He conducts research on specific projects in the company. He is currently analyzing how the planning for the in-house car park construction projects can be made even more precise and efficient. There it is again, the practical relevance that he liked so much during his training.

Well positioned for the professional future

As a trainee, he got to know steel construction and planning from the bottom up. To make him a good planner, he even got a very practical insight into steel construction and assembly. Only when you understand the big picture can you also do sub-tasks well. Now he's widening his gaze again. Dedicated to integral planning. Optimizes planning processes. Not only performs, but also takes a bird's eye view of the work and procedures. It's unbelievable what you learn in a few years and how you find your way.

Sven will graduate next year. Then he's done again. Or at least: At another stage destination. And then he lets everything else come back to him. Step by step. And always tailored to your own footsteps. That's how it works!