Trainee interview.

Four questions for Eric Eppendorfer, trainee Construction Mechanic

Eric Eppendorfer is currently running his training as a Construction Mechanic at our production site in Freiberg. In our short interview, he reports on his way from the classroom to the spacious production hall.


Why did you choose training as a Construction Mechanic?

“Large buildings and huge steel structures are simply impressive. I am also very interested in technology and craft. An office job wouldn't be my thing at all! I have to see in the evening what I've done during the day. In the end there should be a finished, tangible product."

How did you start your professional training?

“In the first six months I went to professional school for theoretical training and attended practical training at SAXONIA-BILDUNG. There I did a metal apprenticeship and learned drilling, edging, filing and flame cutting as well as manual arc welding and gas welding. Then it went on to the training company. I work with my colleagues as a member of the team and of course continue to attend vocational school at the same time."


What do you like best about your chosen profession?

“Welding is a lot of fun! But actually everything is great: the work is very diversified and I learn a lot from my colleagues. As a Construction Mechanic, head and body are in demand. We learn to read, understand and implement technical drawings. But you also need muscle power – heavy machines shouldn't put you off."


What tips would you give those who are currently looking for training?

“Dare to! Construction Mechanic may not be the career choice that comes first in your head. But I can only say: huge steel girders and large structures are really cool and fascinating. The day to day tasks are very variable and it makes you proud when you can say: I helped build this building! And if you want to get a taste of the job first, just ask the company whether an internship is possible."