Dual Study Course Civil Engineering.

Dual Study Course Civil Engineering at CHRISTMANN + PFEIFER

Two are better than one.

There are days when Lucca Dennis Bauer, Olivia Sell and Leon Schmidt would like to be cloned. While others are either studying or employed as trainees, they are on two tracks, so to speak, and are studying in the so-called dual system. They are bachelor students of civil engineering as part of the dual StudiumPlus program at the Technical University of Central Hesse (THM) in Wetzlar. They complete a full-fledged university course, but at the same time they are already employed with us in the company, thus linking the theoretical knowledge the acquire in university directly with practical experience and vice versa.

There is an ingenious script behind the balanced act between university studies and training on the job: practical phases at the company alternate with lecture periods at the university. While Leon is back in the office working on the company's current construction projects, he is also writing a 15-page project paper for university. This goes hand in hand: "We're doing research for our company, so to speak. And in turn, we can directly apply what we've learned at the THM."

Balancing studies and work requires full commitment. "Dual students are responsible for both their academic training and their employer," says HR Manager Ulrike Bonacker, describing the model. Olivia takes a pragmatic view: "Otherwise, I also would have taken a job to finance my studies. I find it a total advantage that my job here is directly related to my studies," she says, promoting the model. Either way, the dual study program has a lot of advantages and is increasingly in demand. And for good reason. Olivia, Lucca and Leon can confirm this from their daily work. They have experienced the many advantages that the dual study program brings during the 7 semesters of standard study time.

Studying with... a fixed salary

Leon has already done an apprenticeship as a carpenter before his studies. "I definitely wanted to still study and get ahead. But I also didn't want to take the step back and be financially dependent again. That's exactly what I manage with the dual study program - I can study with a fixed and reliable salary behind me, which is worth so much."

Studying with… practical relevance

Olivia emphasizes how theory and practice are intertwined: "I first studied architecture at university. That was far too theoretical for me. The job here is not just any part-time job, but is directly related to my future professional life. We can apply and put into practice what we have learned. The theoretical part of the course is also more practice-oriented than comparable courses at university. Of course, all the basics are on the program: mathematics, building physics, statics. But there are also many elective modules with more practical relevance, such as IT applications in the construction industry, occupational safety and health for coordinators and the like." She has already lost her heart to structural analysis. She loves to design and calculate. Dropping out because it's too dry? No real danger for dual students. Right from the start, studies and career are closely and comprehensibly intertwined, always with a view to starting a career.

Studying with… close support

While at university many students meet just one teacher, the dual students in the company are in a prominent position. "I have permanent supervisors and reference persons here who support me professionally and with whom I work closely. There are no questions left unanswered," says Olivia, describing her day-to-day work at the in-house engineering office C + P Engineering.

Studying with… best prospects

Perhaps some parts of the typical student life are missing at times, Lucca Dennis points out. But all three are relaxed about starting their careers. After all, they are already used to the rhythm of working life, and their contacts in the working world are already established.

Got a taste for it? We offer the dual study program for civil engineering and SME management.