Working with steel.

Vocational training with flying sparks: Becoming a Construction mechanic at CHRISTMANN + PFEIFER.

Get out of school, get on with the steel.

"Whenever I weld and the sparks fly, I think: It's a cool job that I can learn here", says Furkan Taskiran, who is training to be a Construction Mechanic at our Breidenbach site. He doesn't allow himself to be interrupted for a long time, just a few seconds later he returns his concentration on the welding machine and it flashes again. Welding simply is impressing.

As a schoolboy, Furkan first thought about training in the automotive sector. Obviously, engines are fascinating. But from other family members he learned: When it comes to fascination, huge steel girders can easily keep up! And so he ended up in our steel construction production.

Furkan feels at home between the steel parts, some of which weigh several tons, and in the huge hall, in which the incoming trucks look like toy cars. After a year of basic metal training with a lot of teamwork in the C+P training center, he has been right in the thick of things since the second year of training. Especially the first own workpieces are something very special. Just like the feeling of being able to contribute to a bigger picture.

"When a huge industrial hall is being built somewhere and the whole steel structure only works because I made individual parts for it, then that's simply a cool feeling!" On every drive to Biedenkopf, he sees railings on the facade of the savings bank that he has welded himself. “It really makes me proud to say: This is my workpiece!” All of this is characteristic of the training to become a Construction Mechanic. A job with a future. Furkan learns to read, understand and, of course, implement complex technical drawings. Work is carried out with welding torches, punching machines or large drills.

But what are the requirements for this vocational training? In any case, a very good spatial imagination. You share responsibility for large structures – that's why you should be able to work carefully and with foresight. Head and body are equally needed: Heavy tools shouldn't put you off, muscle strength is also part of the requirements. Furkan feels challenged and encouraged when going to work.