Training at a second glance.

From Chef to Construction Mechanic

The path from school does not always lead directly to the job that will make you happy for the rest of your professional life. Today, this is no longer a flaw. Linear CVs are becoming increasingly rare. And because the job market is changing at an increasingly rapid pace, no one can avoid lifelong learning anyway. Sometimes you only realize where your passion lies and what you're passionate about at second glance. After all, as the saying goes: "the prudent thing to do is to try".

This was also the case for Alexander Müller. Back in his home country Russia, he initially trained as a Cook. When he then came to Germany, it was clear to him that he would be working in a different field here. He came into contact with CHRISTMANN + PFEIFER through a retraining program - initially with the group internal C + P Training Center. Here he is retrained as a Machine Operator. In the meantime, CHRISTMANN + PFEIFER offers him the opportunity to start his training as a Construction Mechanic. Construction Mechanics are in demand, the job has prospects and the young father of a family wants to be able to plan reliably for the future. He takes off and can directly shorten the three-and-a-half-year apprenticeship thanks to his previous qualification.

We meet Alexander Müller at the band saw. But he prefers welding even more - and is enthusiastic about his training:

"The work is fun. There's a great team around me. I feel in good hands, I get a lot of support. I really like this working atmosphere, I would like to stay here even after my exam."

Alexander Müller, trainee as Construction Mechanic

Apprenticeship with a lot of variety

"We are always happy when we can show prospects," confirms Ulrike Bonacker, HR Manager at CHRISTMANN + PFEIFER. The training opportunities are so varied today, and training as a Construction Mechanic in particular is exciting. Here, the task is to manufacture completely individual parts and constructions with millimeter precision according to the drawings and thus create the basis for bridges, buildings and halls. "It's really exciting teamwork, the colleagues and I are really passionate about it!"

As a Construction Mechanic, you should be able to think logically, have good hand-eye coordination and spatial imagination. And, of course, a certain level of physical fitness for the physically demanding work. Taken together, this training is one thing above all: a guarantee against boredom.