Dual study programm civil engineering

Dual study program civil engineering

Theory and practice ideally interlocked

“In fact,” says Celine Reuter, “in fact, when I was in school, I would have placed a bet that I would do something with languages professionally later on.” Languages simply suited her. Sure, math, physics and other subjects also did well, but languages have always been her thing. But as they say, things don´t always work out the way you think they will. And that´s exactly what happened to Celine. At some point towards the end of school, she became interested in architecture. Interest turned into enthusiasm, enthusiasm into an idea, and the idea turned into a plan: “After graduating, I`m going to study architecture.”

In order to be well prepared for her studies, Celine decided to take her baccalaureate at a vocational high school, because there she could directly place a focus on construction technology. But again, things turned out differently than expected. During her time in high school, she realized that drawing wasn´t really her cup of tea, but that she was really good at statics and calculating. Consequently, it was "Bye-bye architecture, welcome civil engineering"! Celine had discovered her perfect course of study. But now the question was whether to study full-time or in a dual program.

Through friends and acquaintances, she already knew how a dual study program works. She particularly liked the close connection of theory and practice and the firm affiliation with a company while still studying. “To be able to apply and deepen what you´ve learned right away in your day-to-day work at the company is a great advantage,” she thought back then, and she confirm it that way today.

That´s why the decision was easy for her: a dual study program, that's what it shoudl be! Since then, the regular alternation of theory phases at university and practical phases in the company has determined her everyday life. What she learns and develops theoretically at the 'Technische Hochschule Mittelhessen (THM)', she encounters again directly on a practical level in the company. As a dual student at C + P, Celine is an integral part of the team and actively participates in projects. “My colleagues take a lot of time to explain things and answer questions. I think it´s great that I already have a fixed area of responsibility in which I can work independently. That way, studying really is fun!”

"At C + P, you're an integral part of the team right from the start, actively working on projects and getting a lot of support."

Celine Reuter, dual study program civil engineering

Celine is now in her 7th semester and is currently working on her bachelor's thesis. In a few months, she will have finished her studies and thanks to her many years of practical experience, she already knows which area suits her best: Costing is what she is passionate about! Juggling numbers, data and facts in connection with exciting construction projects and close teamwork suits her. Nevertheless, she says, "I think it's great how much flexibility you have in your career choice after graduating in civil engineering. You can work in a variety of different industries and jobs - whether it's project management, structural design, costing, etc."

For Celine, everything fell into place perfectly well - her career choice was a bull's eye. So, all's well that ends well, you might say. But of course, Celine is still light years away from the end, because once she completes her studies, her career is only about to really take off. The foundations have been laid, the future can come.